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Strategic PR Management

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strategic PR Management

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

As a team, sponsor or company affiliated with the sport, you need to get the highest possible return out of your motorsport commitment. However, your targets and your audience are as individual as you are. Your PR strategy needs to reflect this and to make sure you can reach your set goals within the allocated budget.

In your case, a tailored long-term PR strategy is therefore a must. Whether you would like to execute it yourself while i accompany you individually or have me do it, that’s entirely up to you.

Together, we will determine the best PR strategy to reach your targets. I will then accompany you for a predetermined period (a minimum of six months is necessary in most cases to get first tangible results) to make sure you get the best return on your motorsport investment.

What you’ll get:

  • A detailed conversation around your targets, audiences and operatives.
  • A first proposal on how those targets and audiences can be reached with the given operatives.
  • A detailed PR strategy for a pre-determined period and regular advice and follow-up to make sure you are on track to reach those targets.
  • Optional: Hands-on support with the execution of the measures listed in the PR strategy and close cooperation with existing partners.

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Working together

I specialise in motorsports media and PR. So whether you are a race driver, a team, a sponsor, a circuit or otherwise affiliated with international motorsport, here's how you can improve your profile.

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

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