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It is not a question of if but when the next crisis will happen. And no matter whether you are a driver, a race series, a circuit or a sponsor, the best way to get through any crisis is to be prepared. You need a strategy and a plan and then stick to it.

What may sound simple is really far from it. Because it is not just certain steps you need to follow. Almost always a crisis involves emotions, people’s reputation, jobs and worse. I have dealt with numerous crises in motorsport, some of which are still famous to this day like Singapore-Gate, Spy-Gate, or the very personal Mosley-Gate, a serious accident, exploding tyres or a social media incident.  

With years of crisis management at the highest motorsport level for teams, sponsors, drivers and the motorsport federation (FIA), I have both the skills and the experience to help you keep calm and carry on.

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Working together

I specialise in motorsports media and public relations. So whether you are a race driver, a team, a sponsor, a circuit or otherwise affiliated with national or international motorsport, here's how we can work together.

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

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