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Alexandra Schieren

Hello, my name is Alexandra Schieren and I am specialised in international motorsports PR.

I have an education in languages and initially, nothing predestined me for a career in motorsports. I got my first job in this field completely by accident, as somehow, I convinced Toyota’s rally team at the time to give me a job as a press and PR assistant. The first few weeks were intense as I had to learn everything about rallies and racing. I stayed with the team for a number of years until it was found cheating and got banned from rallying by the FIA. A few years later, when I had become the spokesperson and Formula One press delegate for the FIA, I told Max Mosley the story. He found it very funny.

Since then, I have spent two decades working as a communication specialist in the international motorsport business. I worked in numerous motorsport series, for a rally team, an international communication agency, the world governing body FIA and a multi-national corporation.

After having travelled the world with Formula One for over a decade, I decided that I had seen enough of airports and hotels. That’s when I started my own company, AS Sports Communication.

I am still passionate about racing, and international sports communication is a fascinating field. Today I am putting my knowledge and experience at the disposal of racing drivers, teams, circuits, series and motorsport affiliates who want to build, maintain or improve their public profile with the help of tailored media and PR work.

But before you decide to work with me, here’s a list of what I am good at:

Advise and consult on all motorsport PR matters: With nearly 20 years of experiences in international motorsport PR, I am today in a position to pass on my knowledge to young drivers to help them grow into this high-pressured and high-performance world that is international racing. I also advise established teams, racing series, circuits and other affiliated bodies on how to approach their external PR to get the best return on their motorsport commitment.

Generating media coverage: I have generated extensive media coverage (written, online, TV and radio) with media outlets like the BBC, CNN, RTL Germany, TV3 Spain, Canal + France, the International Herald Tribune, the Times, the Guardian, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Bild Zeitung, Gala Germany or l’Equipe France, to name but a few.

Building and managing media relations: I have worked with hundreds of media representatives from all over the world from TV, radio, written or online media. The result is established relationships which have grown over the last 20 years. So whether you would like to pitch a particular story, invite a specific journalist for a media event or tell a media representative your side of the story, chances are I can help.

Being a spokesperson and first point of contact for the media: I was the media spokesperson for the motorsport governing body (FIA) and Pirelli in Formula One. I have replied to many journalists in different languages, arranged interviews and prepared spokespeople how to reply to media inquiries.

Handling a crisis from a media and PR point of view: I was in the eye of the (media) storm when Toyota Team Europe got found cheating at a WRC event and while at the FIA, I survived a number of ‘gates’ like Spy-Gate, Lie-Gate, Singapore-Gate and the (in)famous Mosley-Gate. I also handled the media following the serious accidents of Robert Kubica (Canada 2007) or Felipe Massa (Hungary 2009). Not to mention Pirelli’s difficult third year of their return to F1 when a number of tyres blew up, mainly at the 2013 Silverstone GP.

Writing and editing: Whether it’s a press release, a media kit, a blog article, an interview, a new website text, I have written a few of those. My main working languages are English, German and French but other languages are possible too. If copy already exists, I will edit it for you to make sure it fits your target audience.

Setting up and running media facilities at motorsport events: I worked on the media staff at different races for many years and I was in charge of the set-up of the media facilities and operations at the inaugural Chinese and Bahrain Formula One Grands Prix. I was also responsible for the overall management of all media operations at every Formula One race world-wide (400+ press representatives; 50+ local staff) for a number of years.

Waiting for Sebastian Vettel after winning his first world championship

Waiting for Sebastian Vettel after winning his first world championship

Accompanying Michael Schumacher - Media work

Accompanying Michael Schumacher

With Bernie Ecclestone at the Malaysian Grand Prix

With Bernie Ecclestone at the Malaysian Grand Prix

What others said about me

« I first met Alex at the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix. She was leading the communication team tasked with setting up the F1 media centre and all related press activities for the event Promoter. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism, effectiveness and commitment in managing the most challenging of media markets F1 had encountered to that point. […. ]
I have nothing but praise for Alex and anyone fortunate enough to have her in their organisation will quickly realise the benefit of working with such an experienced and talented communications professional. »

Richard Woods

Communications and Strategy Advisor, FIA Institute

« Alexandra is one of the best PR persons I have worked with during my stint as PR at Fuji International Speedway. Punctual, precise yet understanding the domestic media needs in a foreign country, it was not only a pleasure, but a great learning experience for me as well. With a wide and deep proficiency in language, I highly recommend Alexandra in the field of international PR. »

Jun Terashima

Communications Director, Dentsu Meitetsu Communications Inc.

« Alexandra first worked for me in KHPs London office where she looked after a number of international clients. [….] She is a communications specialist and at home in international media relations. She is meticulous and organised and all projects she was entrusted with she managed well and to my full satisfaction and, more importantly, to those of our clients. In addition, she is also an excellent linguist. »

Katja Heim

Founder & CEO, KHP Consulting

Working together

I specialise in motorsports media and PR. So whether you are a race driver, a team, a sponsor, a circuit or otherwise affiliated with international motorsport, here's how you can improve your profile.

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

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