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For race circuits AND SERIES:
ON-Event Media Management

Stage a successful race with effective on-event media management. 

For race circuits
and series:

ON-Event Media Management

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

You are a motorsport circuit or a race series, and organising world-class race events is what you do? However, looking after the international media centre, the accreditation procedures, the staff, the on-event media inquiries takes experience and knowledge.

In over 15 years I have set up, organised and run literally hundreds of media centres at motor racing events all over the world, most of them in Formula One. I have worked for both the promoters and the Federation, so looking after the on-event media management at an international race meeting have no secrets for me.

What i can do for you : 

  • Media event organisation and coordination, both on-event and off-event
  • Set-up and running of all media facilities for a motorsport event
  • Advice and support regarding media and PR work leading up to the race
  • On-event media, interview and PR management
  • Support regarding international media accreditation (procedures and management)
  • Liaison with the governing body, officials and teams with regards to all media related questions

Organising a world class motorsport event is a big job but thanks to my experience it will be a whole lot easier for you. In addition, my extensive motorsport network help to ensure that both event and the circuit get high exposure and media interest.

Contact me to find out more.

Working together

I specialise in motorsports media and PR. So whether you are a race driver, a team, a sponsor, a circuit or otherwise affiliated with international motorsport, here's how you can improve your profile.

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

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