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For race circuits AND SERIES:
ON-Event Media Management

Stage a successful race with effective on-event media management. 

For race circuits
and series:

ON-Event Media Management

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

You are a motorsport circuit or a race series, and organising world-class race events is what you do? However, looking after the international media centre, the accreditation procedures, the staff, the on-event media inquiries takes experience and knowledge. 

In over 15 years I have set up, organised and run literally hundreds of media centres at motor racing events all over the world, most of them in Formula One. I have worked for both the promoters and the Federation, so looking after the on-event media management at an international race meeting have no secrets for me.

Working together: 

  • Media event organisation and coordination, both on-event and off-event
  • Set-up and running of all media facilities for a motorsport event
  • Advice and support regarding media and PR work leading up to the race
  • On-event media, interview and PR management
  • Support regarding international media accreditation (procedures and management)
  • Liaison with the governing body, officials and teams with regards to all media related questions

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Working together

I specialise in motorsports media and PR. So whether you are a race driver, a team, a sponsor, a circuit or otherwise affiliated with international motorsport, here's how you can improve your profile.

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

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