Media Coaching

Be in front with tailored media and public relations.



Talking to the media and the public doesn’t come natural to most of us. A young racer just taking his or her first steps in the motorsport world needs a different set of tools and coaching than an experienced racer. Your message is not the same, neither is your level of experience or ease with the media. I will show you the ropes of getting your message across so that you feel good, and the media gets the information they need.

For extensive camera or media trainings, I work with an experienced coach who provides services in German and English. (

Contact me today for an informal chat on how you can communicate with the media so that it fits your strategy.

Working together

I specialize in motorsports media and public relations. So whether you are a race driver, work for a team, a sponsor, a circuit, or are otherwise affiliated with national or international motorsports, here's how we can work together.


Sustainability Communication

More and more, sustainability is becoming a major part in the communication strategy of company worldwide. The impact on its image can be significant, especially in motorsports, which often carries a negative public reputation to that regard.

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