Generating media coverage

Be in front with tailored media and public relations.

media coverage

(Motorsport, general or lifestyle)


How do you get published in your target media with the story you would like to tell? How do you get coverage on an international level, or in the general or lifestyle media to reach a wider public? And what about a TV or radio presence?

Talking to the media is an art. I help you master the steps or manage your media relations for you. Whether that is finding stories, pitching them to the right media or helping you prepare for the actual interview.

Contact me today for an informal chat on how you can get more media coverage.

Working together

I specialize in motorsports media and public relations. So whether you are a race driver, work for a team, a sponsor, a circuit, or are otherwise affiliated with national or international motorsports, here's how we can work together.


Sustainability Communication

More and more, sustainability is becoming a major part in the communication strategy of company worldwide. The impact on its image can be significant, especially in motorsports, which often carries a negative public reputation to that regard.

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