Season PR packs – for race drivers

Be in front with tailored media and public relations.

Season PR packs –
essential or advanced

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication

Let’s face it: winning races is not enough. There are countless successful race drivers all over the world who are only known to a few insiders. On the other hand, there are sportsmen and women who are well-known to a wider general public but who have never won a single race or competition in their field. The difference? Tailored media and public relations.

As a young driver starting out, the essential pack will be for you, but once you move to the higher series with a lot of media exposure, the advanced pack might suit your needs better.

Bespoke offers, tailored to your individual targets and requirements, are also available.

In order to maximise the results for this kind of PR support, all packs run for at least a full season or one year, depending on the start of the cooperation.

Contact me today for an informal chat about your media and PR requirements.

Contact me today for an informal chat about your media and PR requirements.

Working together

I specialise in motorsports media and public relations. So whether you are a race driver, a team, a sponsor, a circuit or otherwise affiliated with national or international motorsport, here's how we can work together.

Alexandra Schieren Motorsport Communication
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